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iPhone-exif Library for Exif tag manipulation in images directly on iPhone
Software Size: 121 KB
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edit tag exif editor iphone library tag editor exif  
Barista Modular and open source web server that enables Objective-C developers to embed a web server within any...
Software Size: 1.3 MB
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web server library web server assembler http server http  
XMLTool Manage XML documents through a Fluent Interface
Software Size: 53 KB
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transform validate manipulate manipulate xml xml validator  
Twitter4R The Ultimate Open Source Ruby Library for Twitter
Software Size: 33 KB
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Twitter client API ruby library Twitter client API  
RBrainz Free and open source Ruby library that will help you to easily query the MusicBrainz database
Software Size: 94 KB
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query library ruby library musicbrainz query  
IntelHex Python library for Intel HEX files manipulations
Software Size: 57 KB
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write manipulate modify hex manipulation hex writer  
gevent Open source Greenlet/Libevent-based Python networking library
Software Size: 143 KB
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network develop library network development network library  
Flickcurl Open source C library for the Flickr application
Software Size: 727 KB
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flickr API library flickr api flickr library photo metadata  
libfreespace Open source library for building apps for Hillcrest Labs Freespace devices
Software Size: 393 KB
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develop library discovery Freespace development  
homest A C/C++ Library for Robust, Non-linear Homography Estimation
Software Size: 54 KB
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estimate C++ library C++ homography estimation  
Python-Twitter A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
Software Size: 79 KB
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Twitter library wrapper python wrapper python library  
TooN Tom's Object-oriented numerics library
Software Size: 246 KB
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optimize decompose numerics library matrix optimization