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Smooks Free Java based XML and non XML data processing engine/framework
Software Size: 13.9 MB
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process framework xml process xml xml processor  
Stateroom A free and Java based light-weight framework for creating finite automata
Software Size: 27 KB
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Java framework java framework automata automata framework  
Java Snippet Runner Quickly write and run Java code pieces
Software Size: 149 KB
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code write run write code java code run code  
Java Musicbrainz Library Java library for accessing the MusicBrainz metadata server
Software Size: 253 KB
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access java library musicbrainz access Musicbrainz  
Jaskuss A Java package that aims to speed up application development
Software Size: 54 KB
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development develop Java development speed up development  
JCollider Free Java client builder library for your Mac
Software Size: 579 KB
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build Java library java library build supercollider client  
newjs Free and open source JavaScript project generator
Software Size: 723 KB
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generate create build create website project generator  
CookXml An open source general purpose XML interpreter for Java
Software Size: 143 KB
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interpreter xml binding xml interpreter xml binding  
Reflections A free Java runtime metadata analysis tool, in the spirit of Scannotations
Software Size: 46 KB
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analyze scan metadata analysis metadata java analysis  
SchemaSpyGUI Free and open source GUI for the SchemaSpy application
Software Size: 157 KB
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analyze analyzer metadata analyze metadata  
JGauge Bean Java library for drawing round gauges
Software Size: 28 KB
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create draw draw round gauge round gauge drawer  
ProGuard A free and open source Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator
Software Size: 1.7 MB
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shrink optimize obfuscate java obfuscator java shrinker