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Zimbra Desktop Ajax-based collaboration experience online and offline
Software Size: 43.5 MB
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calendar mail send email search tool offline calendar ajax  
JumpBox for PostgreSQL Allows you to quickly deploy PostgreSQL.
Software Size: 155 MB
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manage deploy manage database organize database  
JumpBox for LAPP Deployment Easily deploy applications where a tailored JumpBox may not exist.
Software Size: 179.8 MB
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manage create manage database deploy software create backup  
JumpBox for phpBB Contains a very handy web based administration interface and backup system
Software Size: 200.8 MB
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phpBB JumpBox phpBB installer phpBB pack phpBB install  
JumpBox for Cacti Offers a great network graphing tool watching the activity on your network.
Software Size: 188.8 MB
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cacti package installer Cacti pack install Cacti  
JumpBox for MySQL Allows you to deploy MySQL 5 in minutes.
Software Size: 189 MB
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MySql develop deploy manage database deploy MySQL  
Manuel Parses documents, evaluates their contents, then formats the result of the evaluation
Software Size: 24 KB
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evaluate parse document document parser parse document  
Dulwich An open source Python based library for Git
Software Size: 71 KB
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develop library git git library python library  
JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management Allows network administrators to manage the configuration, health, and performance of networks, servers and network applications.
Software Size: 251 MB
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manage IT Management manage network manage configuration IT  
JumpBox for Trac An advanced tool for tracking software development projects.
Software Size: 145.8 MB
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development track project tracker project  
JumpBox for KnowledgeTree Easily manage, share, and store your team’s documents and images.
Software Size: 428.7 MB
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manage organize manager document manager  
JumpBox for GLPI Easily deploy GLPI using Jumpox.
Software Size: 194.7 MB
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inventory IT deploy GLPI IT inventory manage inventory GLPI