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Black Friday Countdown Keeps track of the days you have left until the biggest shopping day of the year
Software Size: 507 KB
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countdown sales keep track Black Friday shopping day  
Coordinator Widget Convert Equatorial and Galactic coordinates from your Dashboard.
Software Size: 115 KB
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converter coordinate converter convert coordinates  
awkalc A formula-based calculator widget, which works as a front-end to let awk evaluate a formula.
Software Size: 58 MB
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dashboard widget formula calculator evaluate formula  
NSConv Number system converter for hardware developers.
Software Size: 181 KB
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converter convert convert number transform number  
UnitConverter Pro A Dashboard widget that helps you covert over 350 units from 41 categories
Software Size: 246 KB
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converter convert conversion tool convert temperature  
JavaScript Helper An easy to use calculator Dashboard widget.
Software Size: 271 KB
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calculate calculator perform calculation  
Audilectric Calculator Program that will resolve time consuming calculations in the audio world
Software Size: 64 KB
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calculator Audilectric Calculator Audio Calculator  
Numerology Widget Fully featured solution for numerological analysis
Software Size: 60 KB
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numerology analysis numerological analyzer  
Free42 An HP-42S Calculator Simulator
Software Size: 1.2 MB
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calculate calculator calculator widget calculator simulator  
Currency Converter Widget Calculate currency conversions
Software Size: 2.3 MB
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currency converter convert convert currency  
Light Converter Widget Free Dashboard light converter for your Mac
Software Size: 159 KB
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convert conversion light conversion wavelight conversion  
Timecode Calculator Widget Software to perform basing operations on video timings.
Software Size: 118 KB
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calculate calculator calculator widget Timecode Calculator