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mod_dnssd adds DNS-SD Zeroconf support to Apache 2.0 using Avahi.
mod_dnssd Apache module, adds DNS-SD Zeroconf support to Apache 2.0 using Avahi.For activating mod_dnssd just load it into the server and use the global directive DNSSDEnable to enable it:DNSSDEnable onThat's it, nothing more is required! The module publishes all configured virtual hosts and the mod_userdir directories of all local users. For mod_userdir to work you need to load that module and configure it for the path ~/public_html/.Advanced FeaturesFive other directives are available: the global directive DNSSDAutoRegisterUserDir can be used to disable automatic registration of mod_userdir directories. The global directive DNSSDAutoRegisterVHosts can be used to disable automatic registration of all local virtual hosts.The two directives DNSSDServiceName and DNSSDServiceTypes which can be placed inside a < VirtualHost > or < Location > section can be used to define additional services for publishing or to finetune the service name or types of virtual hosts. If placed inside a < VirtualHost > you can change the service types and name of the attached service (if used with DNSSDAutoRegisterVHosts set to on) or to register a service for the virtual host (if used with DNSSDAutoRegisterVHosts disabled). DNSSDServiceTypes takes a list of at least one DNS-SD service type (defaults to _http._tcp). A good example when to pass more than one service type is a WebDAV server:DNSSDServiceTypes _http._tcp _webdav._tcpThis will register the server both as HTTP and as WebDAV service. Please note that both services do have different types but share the same name! Other areas where this might become handy is when registering RSS formatted blogs or XMLRPC services.DNSSDServiceName and DNSSDServiceTypes are especially useful inside a < Location > block. Using this notation you can register additional services in subdirectories of the server.Requirements:· Apache 2.0 with apxs and a development installation of Avahi 0.6 or newer.Installation:As this package is made with the GNU autotools you should run ./configure inside the distribution directory for configuring the source tree. After that you should run make for compilation and make install (as root) for installation of mod_dnssd.What's New in This Release:· This version was updated for Apache 2.2.

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