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Check on the status of the Schedule::SGE queues
Schedule::SGE::Status is a Perl module to check on the status of the Schedule::SGE queues. You should not use this method directly, rather you should use the Schedule::SGE method that inherits from this, then all the methods herein are available to you.user()Set the user of the processes. If not defined will be guess by whoamistatus()Get the queue status. This will return a hash where each key is the name of a node, and each value is a reference to an array. The array has the following components:0. Queue type (one of B(atch), I(nteractive), C(heckpointing), P(arallel), T(ransfer) or combinations thereof or N(one)) 1. Processors used 2. Load average 3. Statebrief_job_stats()Get some brief statistics about a job. This method will return a reference to an array with the following statistics: Node the job is/was running on Process ID of the job Load Name of process Username Date and time of submissionfor example, my $stats=$sge->brief_job_stats($job);all_jobs()Returns an array of all jobs that were found in the queues. Requirements:
· Perl

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