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Pod::Man is a Perl module to convert POD data to formatted *roff input.
Pod::Man is a Perl module to convert POD data to formatted *roff input.SYNOPSIS use Pod::Man; my $parser = Pod::Man->new (release => $VERSION, section => 8); # Read POD from STDIN and write to STDOUT. $parser->parse_file (*STDIN); # Read POD from file.pod and write to file.1. $parser->parse_from_file ('file.pod', 'file.1');Pod::Man is a module to convert documentation in the POD format (the preferred language for documenting Perl) into *roff input using the man macro set. The resulting *roff code is suitable for display on a terminal using nroff(1), normally via man(1), or printing using troff(1). It is conventionally invoked using the driver script pod2man, but it can also be used directly.As a derived class from Pod::Simple, Pod::Man supports the same methods and interfaces. See Pod::Simple for all the can take options, in the form of key/value pairs that control the behavior of the parser. See below for details.If no options are given, Pod::Man uses the name of the input file with any trailing .pod, .pm, or .pl stripped as the man page title, to section 1 unless the file ended in .pm in which case it defaults to section 3, to a centered title of "User Contributed Perl Documentation", to a centered footer of the Perl version it is run with, and to a left-hand footer of the modification date of its input (or the current date if given STDIN for input).Pod::Man assumes that your *roff formatters have a fixed-width font named CW. If yours is called something else (like CR), use the fixed option to specify it. This generally only matters for troff output for printing. Similarly, you can set the fonts used for bold, italic, and bold italic fixed-width output.Besides the obvious pod conversions, Pod::Man also takes care of formatting func(), func(3), and simple variable references like $foo or @bar so you don't have to use code escapes for them; complex expressions like $fred{'stuff'} will still need to be escaped, though. It also translates dashes that aren't used as hyphens into en dashes, makes long dashes--like this--into proper em dashes, fixes "paired quotes," makes C++ look right, puts a little space between double underbars, makes ALLCAPS a teeny bit smaller in troff, and escapes stuff that *roff treats as special so that you don't have to.Requirements:· Perl Requirements:
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