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Library Management System
LibMan is a program that will maintain a library system. The system manages books information, library visitors, borrowing..etcThe program allows the user to execute the following commands:Books Management:1- Insert new books: This command adds a new book to our library. The added data is stored in a file. The file is a text file that is comma delimited in which each entry (book) is found on a separate line. Each entry must contain the main book information mentioned before. An example of one line in the file is as follows: Core Java, Cay S. Horstmann, Prentice Hall PTR, 0-13-089468-0, December 01 2000, 5, 3, Programming2- Search for a book: The system should process a request by the user to look up information about a specific entry. The user can supply one or more of the following; book title (or part of it), author name, ISBN or category. The system should provide a list of books that matches the user request.3- Add new copy: The system should prompt the user to enter book ISBN and the number of its copies and update the Book entry in the file with the new number of copies.4- Delete book: The user should be prompted for the book ISBN and that entry should be deleted from the system (books file).Members Transactions:1- Registration: Adding new user to our system which stores for each member his ID, name - the last and first, address, street, city, phone number, age, and email address. Data is stored in a separate file in the same format of books file (comma delimited, and each entry, user, is on a separate line).2- Borrowing: For each member who borrows a book, we store book ISBN, user ID, date issued, date due to return, date returned. Again, all borrowing data should be stored into a separate file. Also the number of available copies for that book should be decremented. A Member can not borrow more than 3 books at a time.3- Returning Book: When a user return a borrowed book back to the library, the entry for his borrowing action must be updated with the date returned. Also for book entry; the number of available copies of the book must be incremented.4- Remove Member: When a member wants to leave our system, the system must make sure that this user does not have any borrowed books (all entries in Borrowing file for this user must have its return date filled in)Administrative actions:1- Over due books: A list of over-due books – books that were borrowed and their return date has been passed without returning it back – should be available for our system administrators.2- Most popular books: A list shows the most borrowed 10 books title should be printed at the beginning of our program.3- Quit: Exit the system, your program should terminate.

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