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Publisher: Philippe Froidevaux

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GPG is a Perl2GnuPG interface.
GPG is a Perl GnuPG interface.SYNOPSIS use GPG; my ($passphrase,$key_id) = ("1234567890123456",''); my $gpg = new GPG(homedir => './test'); # Creation die $gpg->error() if $gpg->error(); # Error handling my ($pubring,$secring) = $gpg->gen_key(key_size => "512", real_name => "Joe Test", email => '', comment => "", passphrase => $passphrase); my $pubkey = $gpg->list_packets($pubring); my $seckey = $gpg->list_packets($secring); $key_id = $pubkey->[0]{'key_id'}; $gpg->import_keys($secring); $gpg->import_keys($pubring); my $signed = $gpg->clearsign($key_id,$passphrase,"TEST_TEXT"); my $verify = $gpg->verify($signed); my $TEST_TEXT = $gpg->encrypt("TEST_TEXT",$key_id); $TEST_TEXT = $gpg->decrypt($passphrase,$TEST_TEXT); $TEST_TEXT = $gpg->sign_encrypt($key_id,$passphrase,$TEST_TEXT,$key_id); my $decrypt_verify = $gpg->decrypt_verify($passphrase,$TEST_TEXT); my $keys = $gpg->list_keys(); my $sigd = $gpg->list_sig(); Requirements:
· Perl

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Philippe Froidevaux

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