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Data::CGIForm is a Perl module with form data interface.
Data::CGIForm is a Perl module with form data interface.Data::CGIForm is yet another way to parse and handle CGI form data. The main motivation behind this module was a simple specification based validator that could handle multiple values.You probably don't want to use this module. CGI::Validate is a much more feature complete take on getting this sort of work done. You may then ask why this is on the CPAN, I ask that of myself from time to time....SYNOPSIS my %spec = ( username => qr/^([a-z0-9]+)$/, password => { regexp => qr/^([a-z0-9+])$/, filter => [qw(strip_leading_ws, strip_trailing_ws)], }, email => { regexp => qr/^([a-z0-9@.]+)$/, filter => &qualify_domain, optional => 1, errors => { empty => 'You didn't enter an email address.', invalid => 'Bad [% key %]: "[% value %]"', }, extra_test => &check_email_addr, }, email2 => { equal_to => email, errors => { unequal => 'Both email addresses must be the same.', }, }, ); my $r = $ENV{'MOD_PERL'} ? Apache::Request->instance : CGI->new; my $form = Data::CGIForm->new(datasource => $r, spec => %spec); my @params = $form->params; foreach $param (@params) { next unless my $error_string = $form->error($param); print STDERR $error_string; } if ($form->error('username')) { handle_error($form->username, $form->error('username')); } my $email = $form->param('email'); my $password = $form->password;Requirements:· Perl Requirements:
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