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DJMix is an API for mixing sounds like MP3's files.
DJMix is an API for mixing sounds like MP3's files. A QT interface is provided as a first demo of realtime capacity of API (mixing, volume set, dj-rewind, respeed, scratch, sound section management)Functionnality are:· Work on Mac Os X (developping plateform) & Linux x86/PPC/AMD64, August 2005: The PPC would not be supported while Steve Job stop support it. March 2006: The MacOs X PPC version stop to compile.... Does anyone want to fix it ???? (does anyone offer offer me a PPC dev kit :)). · Loading cbr/vbr stereo mp3 files,· Loading raw files,· Multi-system sound output devices: CoreAudio, SDL, Alsa· MP3 File library support with sections & BPM support,· Support sample rate convertion from 44100 to 192000 hz (recommanded: 48000/96000 hz),· Support byte swapping operation on PowerPc architecture,· Support 16 bits signed Little Endian/Big Endian sound output device,· Support high-end 24 bits device (like M-Audio and others) if device use 32 bits sound format,· Core audio support extended soundcard like M-Audio revolution,· 4-voices turntable front end,· >2 channels output (for room output & headphone management),· Import most of GDAM song database (ascii format, not xml),· XML database,· Multithread support so it works better on Hyperthread or dual-core processors.Library support :· Polynomial sample conversion from -200% to 200%,· Parametric number of voice mixing (default: 64),· Parametric output mixing voice (default: 8),· Use altivec on Mac Os (would not be supported anymore while Steve's job stop support it :( ),· MP3 File predecoding for better management of vbr seeking (and set down latency) that's why loading a MP3 is very slow!Requirements:· GNU Gcc 3.3+, autoconf 2.59, automake 1.6.3 (works with GCC 3.4 & 4.1),· Posix thread Library,· QT 3.3 (multithread (mt) are not required),· Libmad 0.96 for mp3 decoding· ALSA 0.9 sound kernel & Library on Linux operating system. You will find SDL sound output library to help porting. However, it is not intended to be used as main output device driver.· *or* SDL· *or* CoreAudio· Expat, for XML database management.What's New in This Release:· Added GCC 4.1 compatibility,· Fix load crashes into a playing turntable,· Rewrite of RawSource,· It is now possible to start playing before the end of loading,· Added --enable-optimise option to configure,· Started to add Audio-CD support (should still crash in main program but works for tests programs),· Scrollbar in beat editor are now placed correctly

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