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DBI emulation for local data access in PostgreSQL PL/Perl function
DBIx::PgLink::Local is a DBI emulation for local data access in PostgreSQL PL/Perl function.SYNOPSISPostgreSQL script CREATE FUNCTION fn() RETURNS ... LANGUAGE plperlu AS $$ ... use DBIx::PgLink::Local; $q = pg_dbh->prepare( q ); $q->execute("world"); while (my $row = $q->fetchrow_hashref) { elog 'INFO', $row->{foo}; # prints 'Hello, world' } ... $v = pg_dbh->selectrow_array( 'SELECT $1 * $1 as bar', # query string { types=>['INT4'] } ), # attributes 3 # parameter values ); elog 'INFO', $v; # prints '9' ... $$WARNING: this module works only in PostgreSQL functions written in PL/PerlU language in PostgreSQL server version 8.2 or higher.DBIx::PgLink::Local is a wrapper around PL/Perl Server Programming Interface (SPI) functions. Module provides only basic functions of DBI. For full DBI-compatible driver look at DBD::PgSPI.Module manage prepared statements and cache query plans. It is not depend on other DBIx::PgLink code (except DBIx::PgLink::Logger) and can be used in any PL/Perl function. Requirements:
· Perl

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