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Class::NiceApi is a Perl module that translates your methodNames to my method_names.
Class::NiceApi is a Perl module that translates your methodNames to my method_names.SYNOPSIS use Class::NiceApi; my $acl = Class::NiceApi->new( victim => Decision::ACL->new(), style => 'custom', table => { run_acl => 'RunACL' } );Perl method names should be written lowercased and multiple words should be connected via '_'. This is_good_coding_convention. Unfortunately this recommendation is ignored by many CPAN authors. Class::NiceApi helps pernickety programmers as me. It translates method names from isThisPerl to is_this_perl back and forth. Well, it so flexible it can translate allmost anything to anything. So it would translate perl_method_name to java programmers favorite perlMethodName.METHODSnew()Takes following parameters (which are also available as methods).victimAn instance of a class where the method names subjected to translation.styleA style is just a shortcut for the translation table. Following styles are currently supported: custom, with_underscore and to_lc.[Note] They are implemented via a 'translating' callback in $Class::NiceApi::callbacks. It filters the source method name and returns the destination name.tableHere you can list explicit translations of method names, which are exceptions to the custom style filter. Requirements:
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