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CatalystX::CRUD::Tutorial is a step-by-step through CatalystX::CRUD example app.
CatalystX::CRUD::Tutorial is a step-by-step through CatalystX::CRUD example app.OVERVIEWThe goal of the CatalystX::CRUD project is to provide a thin glue between your existing data model code and your existing form processing code. The ideal CatalystX::CRUD application actually uses very little Catalyst-specific code. Instead, code independent of Catalyst does most of the heavy lifting. This design is intended to (a) make it easier to re-use your non-Catalyst code and (b) make your applications easier to test.This tutorial is intended for users of CatalystX::CRUD. Developers should also look at the CatalystX::CRUD API documentation. We will look at two of the CatalystX::CRUD implementations: the Rose::HTML::Objects controller (CatalystX::CRUD::Controller::RHTMLO) and the Rose::DB::Object model (CatalystX::CRUD::Model::RDBO). Note that these two modules are available on CPAN separately from the core CatalystX::CRUD package.Create a new Catalyst application % MyApp ... % cd MyAppMake a directory structure to accomodate the classes we'll be creating: % mkdir lib/MyCRUD % mkdir lib/MyCRUD/Album % mkdir lib/MyCRUD/SongCreate a databaseThis tutorial will assume SQLite as the database, but any RDBO-supported database should work. You might need to tweek the SQL below to work with your particular database. /* example SQL file to init db */ create table albums ( id INTEGER primary key, title varchar(128), artist varchar(128) ); create table songs ( id INTEGER primary key, title varchar(128), artist varchar(128), length varchar(16) ); create table album_songs ( album_id int not null references albums(id), song_id int not null references songs(id) ); insert into albums (title, artist) values ('Blonde on Blonde', 'Bob Dylan'); insert into songs (title, length) values ('Visions of Johanna', '8:00');Save the above into a file called mycrud.sql and then create the SQLite database: % sqlite3 mycrud.db < mycrud.sqlTest your database by connecting and verifying the data: % sqlite3 mycrud.db SQLite version 3.1.3 Enter ".help" for instructions sqlite> select * from songs; 1|Visions of Johanna||8:00 sqlite> .quitNow you are ready to write some Perl. Requirements:
· Perl

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